Insurance Information

We accept many different kinds of insurances here.  Some of the many include:

-UMR (Venetian/MGM/Palazzo)

-Culinary Insurance

-Teacher's Health Trust

-Sierra Health and Life (Wynn)

-Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

-Sierra Nevada Administrators (Cirque Du Soleil)

-Loomis Company

-Cigna (Caesars Entertainment)

...and more!  

For verification of coverage and benefits you can either give us a call at (702)898-7899 or fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you with the benefit information.

We also see patient's involved in auto injuries or work injuries.  If you wish to see us regarding one of these, give us a call at (702)898-7899 or (702)596-9127and we can provide more information.  


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